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The Celtic Pipes and Drums, a European band, will perform at the VII International Military Music Festival «Amur Waves»

Residents of Khabarovsk enjoyed the performance of the band at the Amur Waves 2017 Festival. The unique-sounding instruments and colourful uniform reflecting the diverse cultures of European clans made the performance unforgettable and very interesting. The band is made up of excellent and proficient musicians of Celtic origin who share love for music, songs, and dances.

Bagpipes and drums have always been a part of military ceremonies in Scottish and Irish regiments of the British Army. In ancient times, the bagpipe was used as a signal instrument due to its unique and loud volume which can be heard at a distance of about three kilometers. During war-time, the instrument was used to raise the spirit of the soldiers in the midst of the battle.

The Celtic Pipes and Drums a European band

Today bands of pipes and drums are an integral part of military music festivals and military music culture in many countries of the world. Musicians from Europe performed at the Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival and repeatedly performed on the streets and squares of Moscow.

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