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The Band of the Far Eastern Higher Combined Arms Command School named after Marshal of the Soviet Union K. Rokossovsky (Blagoveshchensk)

The Band of the Far Eastern Higher Combined Arms Command School named after Marshal of the Soviet Union K. Rokossovsky dates from 1940, the year when and infantry school was founded in Vladivostok.

The band provides music for parades of the military garrison, swearing-in ceremonies, young officers’ graduation ceremonies, military reviews and drill practice, evening rolls call, posting of sentries, wreath-laying ceremonies, and burial ceremonies with military honours. This is by no means an exhaustive list of activities and events related to the service of the band. Now the extensive repertoire of the band includes national anthems of more than 25 countries of the world once a special faculty for foreign students has been set up at the military school.

There are also heroic pages in the history of the band. From the very first days of the Great Patriotic War many musicians went to the front and received awards for military merit. The trumpeter Vasyuta V.T. served in the reconnaissance battalion and reached Prague. The tuber player Myzin F.V. who served in the troops of the 1 st Far Eastern Front participated in the battles against the Japanese militarists. The baryton player Mikhailov A.F. was awarded the Medal of Zhukov. In peacetime, military musicians demonstrated true courage and bravery. Moskalev N.V. was awarded the Order of the Red Star for the participation in hostilities in Afghanistan. Government awards were awarded to French horn players Ilyukhin A.V. and Shidlovskiy V.V. for the participation in restoring the constitutional order in the Chechen Republic.

Throughout its more than half a century history, the military band performed concerts and provided music for thousands of ceremonies to welcome and see off delegations military officials and visitors of the school, either in winter, summer or any weather, every time amazing and delighting the audience with professional training and musicianship. In May 2003, the band became the laureate of the First Regional Festival of amateur art among soldiers of the Russian Far East entitled “At the High Banks of the Amur River” and the laureate of the “When the Soldiers Sing” Festival in February 2004. In February 2011, the band performed at the Festival of Military Song “Men in Uniform” in Blagoveshchensk to take the first place. In 2017 and 2018, the band became the laureate of the regional festival of amateur art among servicemen and law enforcement officers “For the Glory of the Fatherland!” in Blagoveshchensk.

Since its establishment, the band’s conductors were: Marek Ya.I., Gandziy A.A., Gurzhebekian M.V., Shatkovsky V.M., Mal’tsev A.V., and Balakin A.V. Currently, Major A. Chubenko is director of the military school band.

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