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The Headquarters Band of the Russian Pacific Fleet (Vladivostok)

The Band of the Russian Pacific Fleet was established on May 6, 1860 pursuant to the order issued by the Naval Department. According to the records, the first 51-member orchestra in the Far East of Russia called “brass military choir” was organized in Nikolaevsk-on-Amur to move twelve years later as a “band of eastern ports” to Vladivostok. Since then, for almost 170 years martial music and patriotic songs can be heard on the Pacific coast. The band participated in military ceremonies, military and church parades. Navy bandsmen performed on the streets of the city at public open air celebrations and navy officer’s balls, dancing evenings at the Naval Assembly.

Today the navy band is one of the symbols of Vladivostok as demonstrated by its participation in the Pacific Meridian International Film Festival, the International Economic Forum of the Asia-Pacific Countries, ceremonial unveiling of memorials and opening ceremonies of new public institutions. Navy bandsmen regularly perform at military parades, send-off and homecoming ceremonies for naval vessels. They perform at ceremonies to welcome foreign warships and delegations, statesmen and officials from foreign countries.

The band takes part in goodwill visits of Russian warships to foreign navies to introduce the national musical culture. The bandsmen were rewarded with a sincere applause of the audience in the United States, Canada, China, the Republic of Korea, the DPRK, Vietnam, India, Ethiopia, Yemen, Sri Lanka, Chile, and Japan. They hold numerous awards of international military music festivals, such as “Fanfares of the World” in 2000, 2002 and 2006, “Water Symphony” in 2001, and “Blooming Cherry” in 2007. The band took part in the jubilee events in Voronezh dedicated to the 300 th anniversary of the Russian Navy (1996) and the 260 th anniversary of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (2000).

The high level of bandsmen musicianship is reflected in their concert programs. Their repertoire includes overtures, rhapsodies, martial music, and songs featuring prominently original jazz, symphonic, and popular music. Arrangements for the band are by a young conductor, Captain Ilya V. Sergeev.

The chief of the navy band is Major Andrey Popov.

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