To the spectators

Attendance requirements

Please get acquainted with the Requirements for attending the Festival events beforehand:

  • The Festival Administration earnestly asks the spectators to arrive at the event in good time. There is no entrance to the stands after the start of the Program;
  • The entrance ticket is valid for one person only;
  • Children under 14 years of age are admitted to the events only accompanied by adults;
  • Adults are expected to monitor the behavior of their children and prevent their moving around during the event, also on the platform for band shows;
  • Spectators shall keep the entrance ticket to the end of the show and present it upon request of the Festival Administration;
  • Spectators who leave the area before the end of the show are not re-admitted.


  • To carry any kinds of arms, cutting and piercing items, drinks in glass containers, cans and foods in hard packaging and other items that interfere with the normal flow of the event;
  • To come out onto the stage prepared for the show of the Festival Participants.

More information is available at
+7 (4212) 32-39-81

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